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ExpoConsultancy offers dedicated services for companies seeking to expand, enter new markets and grow overseas.

Engage your target audience effectively – whether for your online store, app available to download, your service, etc. Reach your precise conversion target group, in the right language and with the right expressions.

Online store owners who want to sell their goods and products in other countries need a partner to provide the expertise and knowledge they need to succeed.

Service providers of digital content, communities, video clip/tube sites and mobile app providers also need a local partner who understands their market and potential clients.

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So simply tell us about your project, your goals, your dreams – and let’s find out together what we can do to help you reach your goals. Focus on your strengths and benefit from ExpoConsultancy as your partner.

What we do

  • We work exclusively in accordance with the “native speaker principle”. This means that all translators translate only into their native language, ensuring the highest levels of linguistic authenticity. ExpoConsultancy translations don’t use machines or software – just people.
  • Express Translations – Sometimes it needs to be done fast… In very urgent cases, we can deliver translations to existing customers within a few hours on the same day. Our regular and long-term customers rely on us and know they have a partner to count on in critical and urgent situations.
  • Our translation will make your website stand out from the competition. Your customers will shop or use your service with confidence – and you will have fewer cancellations – because customers put greater trust in a website written in their native language.
  • Our experienced, creative translators will make sure that the essence of your message is retained, no matter which language and country we help you export to.
  • Make sure that your product is properly represented. If it worked in one country, does that mean it will work somewhere else? Together with our native experts we will ensure that the audience’s experience in your new market is the same as in the original country.
  • Development of communication concepts
    Strategic development of individual elements (e.g. website, ads, offline marketing, local partnerships)
  • Customer segmentation
  • USP Definition
  • Customer Lifecycle and Lifetime Value Management
  • Brand and price positioning, Value Communication
  • New product and service development
  • Planning and design of advertising language in its entirety and adaptation to overall marketing
  • Generate more clicks, leads and sales
  • Linkmanagement, Linkbuilding – generate high value links and improve Google positioning
  • SEO – increase number and quality of organic visitors
  • Build or increase brand awareness, trust and reputation amongst your target group
  • Increase visibility in relevant marketing channels
  • Sustainable online marketing for profitable sales and higher marketing ROI with your localized media

Why us

  • Benefit from our knowledge of how to expand your products and services in other countries, especially on the German market. Engage us and our worldwide network of experts and native speakers.
  • At Expo Consultancy, rather than being passed between dozens of different account manager, sales staff and secretaries, a single point of contact will be at hand to assist you. This will also make a difference to pricing.
  • We are strongly focussed on the German market, where our agency is located. Don’t miss out on this slice of the pie – expand your business with us!
  • We don’t pull our ideas and concepts out of drawers; nor do we offer standardized solutions. Your project is treated as unique and we work on it with true passion.
  • Other creative and media agencies often make use of our services in order to gain fresh input on their own projects – this is kept confidential.
  • Know how much your project is going to cost before it starts. You will receive a quote and – if applicable – a delivery date (e.g. for translations).
  • Depending on the nature of the project, you can book us for rapid and quick-turnaround services, for long term co-operation, and for daily bookings.

Go international!

We can provide a range of services to help you to export your business:

from concepts for the chosen target market, market research, target market definition and competitor analysis to providing translations that are 100% accurate and localised adaptations/transcreation.

Our services also include further support for your company’s marketing efforts, such as copywriting for media, slogans, TV ad production, voiceover recordings, jingles and other sound productions.

We offer you the consultancy you need to become and to remain successful in a new market and/or country. This could involve, for example, selection of a lawyer, call centre and telecommunication services and partnerships, customer care solutions, human resources and staff recruitment. Simply come to us – we are the perfectly placed partner to meet your needs.

ExpoConsultancy is the right partner to provide you with a wealth of services from a single source. In this way, we are well placed to support your company in its “export” objectives.

“We export you” is our motto! We are not a logistics or import/export company, shipping goods around the world. Rather, we “export” the company itself as part of a strategy of international expansion and business growth. 



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